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Training materials

The VIRT2UE consortium has prepared Jamboards and PowerPoints for trainees to use when facilitating the VIRT2UE participatory exercises. For example, below are the materials provided to the UK and Ireland trainees:


VIRT2UE TtT Virtues and Norms_updated.pdf (480.2 KB)
VIRT2UE TtT Self Declaration Approach_updated.pdf (877.7 KB)
VIRT2UE TtT Middle Position.pdf (363.6 KB)
VIRT2UE Dilemma game.pdf (297.9 KB)


Dilemma game

Debate and dialogue

Middle position

Virtues and norms

To use any of these Jamboards, first make a copy. Change access to your copy by clicking on ‘share’ > ‘anyone with the link’ > ‘Editor’. Now your participants will be able to edit your copy of the Jamboard.

If you are going to use Jamboards in your training (you don’t have to, you can also use Miro or a good old fashioned flipboard!), it is a good idea to have an icebreaker exercise that involves using the main functions that the participants will need for the exercises (making and moving sticky notes, and using the ‘undo’ function).