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Y/our Ethics Decide! Discover TechEthos innovative installations

In the rapidly evolving landscape of new and emerging technologies, TechEthos is set to captivate audiences across Europe with a series of original installations, focusing on two technology families: Digital Extended Reality and Climate Engineering. Designed to leave an indelible mark on diverse audiences, starting from October, these interactive experiences will be displayed in the six science engagement organisations involved in the project. Whether visitors are experts in the field, teachers, students, or the general public, the goal is to foster a deep understanding of the ethical considerations that support the development, deployment, and impact of TechEthos technology families.

Building on the project’s Ethics by Design approach, the installation reflects the attitudes, concerns and values shared by the different stakeholders’ groups involved in the project. By emphasizing critical thinking, responsible research, and awareness of innovation’s impact, we aim to make the complex world of emerging technologies relatable, personal, and empowering to the public.

Through our installations, we invite you to explore the interactive displays, reflect on your values and be part of the conversation. Our well-thought and attractive design will serve as a gateway to a world where ethics should not be an afterthought but an integral part of technological progress. For a more interactive experience, the TechEthos setups incorporate digital elements like stand-alone screens and hands-on activities. Designated discussion corners will invite visitors to investigate deeper technology-related issues, fostering an environment of engagement and critical discourse. Workshops and conferences, featuring guest experts, add another layer to the overall experience.

TechEthos installations are not just exhibits — they are gateways to an ideal future where technology and ethics converge. Do not just witness the future, but contribute to shaping it at a TechEthos installation near you!

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