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Shaping the future: The TechEthos Game

If you could shape your ideal world, would you let emerging technologies like the Metaverse or Direct Carbon Capture and Storage reach their full potential?

“The TechEthos Game: Ages of Technology Impact” is a new serious game designed by the TechEthos project to engage with new and emerging technologies and their ethical impacts.

As members of the Citizen World Council, players have to decide in good conscience what will be best for the future of the World, considering how four technology families will develop: Climate Engineering, Neurotechnologies, Natural Language Processing and Virtual Reality.

Science centres and museums from six European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Spain, and Sweden) have been inviting hundreds of citizens to have their say through a series of game workshops, working with associations that support groups who access to such activities is rendered more difficult because of different social and economic factors.

To find out more about how you can use this tool in your practice, visit the game page and read our news article.