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INTEGRITY European Student Convention

On 8th & 9th September 2021, the INTEGRITY project will hold the European Student Convention.

A total of 150 students from across 9 countries will participate in the ESC, made up of 15 students from each of the partner countries. Students will work in single cohort groups, and groups will be arranged so as to mix students from each of the different countries. Participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance

The ESC will adopt a ‘flipped’ model where short, pre-recorded videos on some of the sessions will be made available for participants to watch before the event. Sessions 8 & 9 on day 2 of the ESC will be organized as a design sprint co-creation event which will be facilitated by Science Gallery Dublin. The objective is for students to work in groups to create material for teaching research integrity to their own student cohort (session 8) and present this to the ESC (session 9).

More information about the event is available here.