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VIRT2UE: Train-the-Trainer program in India

The certified VIRT2UE trainer Shivadas Sivasubramaniam, Head of Biomedical Forensic Sciences at Derby University, is planning to deliver a Train-the-Trainer program at Kalasalingam Institute of Technology, in Krishnankoil (South India) by July-August. He will be able to expand the VIRT2UE program, from which he highlights that “the interactive nature of integri

ty-related issues makes the trainee understand and “own” ethical behaviour research integrity”. Besides, he received permission to offer training to all new starter Ph.D. students and researchers, as a mandatory session in his home institution. With this, he aims to promote the importance of researchers “owning” integrity. “Most Ph.D. scholars apply for the ethical approval just because it is expected from them. I want to change this culture into ethics forming the basis of research and its application”, Shivadas says. Now that he gained the VIRT2UE certification, he feels he has been recognized and given the authority to enhance future researchers in research integrity


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