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Training materials on responsible open science available!

We are pleased to announce that the first version of the ROSIE training materials on responsible open science are available upon request for pilot-testing by members of the consortium and interested stakeholders.

The training materials include a collection of cases for classroom discussions as well as a plan for a 2-day training. The plan includes 8 training units, descriptions of corresponding classroom activities, a set of instructions for trainers and handouts for trainees. The materials cover 4 fields of research: 1) natural sciences, 2) social sciences, 3) humanities and 4) health and life sciences). The ROSiE project is inviting interested trainers to use (some of) these materials in their courses. It is possible to test all materials in a fully ROSiE-based course as well as to integrate a sub-set of them into existing courses or training programmes.

ROSiE will organize an introductory online workshop for trainers intending to pilot-test the materials. This workshop has been tentatively scheduled for 4 October (date to be confirmed). If you are interested to participate in pilot-testing the ROSiE training materials, please register for the introductory workshop by sending an email to Signe Mezinska (Associate Professor at the University of Latvia and leader of the work package on training materials) by 30 September. Her email address is: If you would like to use the materials but won’t be able to join the workshop, please also contact Signe.

To help us improve the training materials, trainers will be asked to evaluate them and give feedback on their experiences. They will be acknowledged as reviewers in the final version of the materials.