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NERQ is preparing a position paper on Education and Research Quality

NERQ prepares a position paper on Education and Research Quality

Research integrity, research ethics and open science have become increasingly important topics of discussion in research. As the pace of research accelerates and funding sources become increasingly competitive, the need to ensure that researchers conduct research ethically, transparently, and responsibly has never been greater. Furthermore, open science initiatives are transforming how researchers conduct and share, allowing for rapidly disseminating research results. Ultimately, research integrity, research ethics and open science are critical components in ensuring that reliable research results are available for society and academia. By upholding high standards, academic institutions are contributing to the betterment of society as a whole.

Education is a key driver to promoting research quality (in higher education and beyond). As such, it is critical for trainers, educators and researchers to have access to the resources and knowledge needed to ensure that the highest standards of quality and the principles of research integrity, research ethics, and open science can be upheld in academia.