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Name File Author
D1.12 Report on the results from the stakeholder focus groups D1.1 …pdf (1.2 MB)(1.8 MB) ​By Ana Marušić
D1.2 Scoping review of scientific virtues for training D1.2…pdf (932.6 KB) By Ana Marušić, Ružica Tokalić, Vicko Tomić, Marin Vidak, Rea Ščepanović, Ivan Buljan, Ana Utrobičić
D2.1 Review of the existing ERI training literature and practices review D2.1 …pdf (3.7 MB) ​By Ivan Buljan, Kris Dierickx, Ana Marušić, Daniel Pizzolato, Ružica Tokalić
D5.1 List of ERI teachers D5.1 …pdf (865.9 KB) ​By Tom Lindemann
D6.1 Pilot version of the e-learning platform is online D6.1 …pdf (1.3 MB) ​By Marc van Hoof
D6.2 Report on findings of the pilot evaluation D6.2 …pdf (3.9 MB) ​By Astrid Hooghiemstra
D7.2 Documents providing templates and logo for a corporate and uniform look D7.2 …pdf (1.7 MB) ​By WP7
D7.3 Data management plan D7.3 …pdf (1022.9 KB) ​ Giulia Inguaggiato, Krishma Labib, Laura Hartman, Guy Widdershoven, Edwin Kanters, Marc van Hoof, Ana Marušić, Ružica Tokalić, Vicko Tomić, Ivan Buljan, Ana Utrobičić, Armin Schmolmüller, Nicole Föger