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WP1 - Management and coordination:

Name File
D1.1: Research Integrity and Quality Assurance Plan D1.1_Research-Integrity-and-Quality-Assurance-Plan.pdf (2.9 MB)
D1.2: Data Management Plan D1.2_Data-Management-Plan.pdf (1.6 MB)

WP2 - Dissemination and Communication

Name File
D2.1: Events D2.1_Events.pdf (1.9 MB)
D2.2: Analysis and Strategy for Dissemination D2.2_Analysis-and-strategy-for-dissemination.pdf (3.1 MB)
D2.3: Project website and Social Media sites D2.3_Project-website-and-Social-Media-sites.pdf (1.6 MB)
D2.4: Brochures and Leaflets D2.4_Brochures-and-Leaflets.pdf (2.4 MB)

WP3 - Systematic review of practices and research cultures

Name File
D3.1: Protocol for the literature review, the expert interviews and the Delphi procedure D3.1_Protocol-for-the-literature-review-the-expert-interviews-and-the-Delphi-procedure.pdf (2.6 MB)
D3.2: Scoping reviews including multi-level model of research cultures and research conduct D3.2_Scoping-reviews-including-multi-level-model-of-research-cultures-and-research-conduct.pdf (2.3 MB)
D3.3: Report on the results of explorative interviews D3.3_Report-on-the-results-of-the-explorative-interviews.pdf (2.0 MB)
D3.4: Reports on the rounds on the Delphi procedure D3.4_Reports-on-the-rounds-on-the-Delphi-procedure.pdf (2.5 MB)

WP4 - Developing SOPs and guidelines

Name File
D4.1: Protocol for the development of SOPS and guidelines D4.1_Protocol-for-the-development-of-SOPs-and-guidelines.pdf (1.8 MB)
D4.2: First version of the SOPS and guidelines D4.2_First-version-of-the-SOPs-and-guidelines.pdf (2.3 MB)
D4.3: Second version of SOPS and guidelines D4.3_Second-version-of-SOPs-and-guidelines.pdf (3.3 MB)
D4.4: Report on the Co-Creation Workshops Documents download module
D4.5: Third version of SOPS and guidelines D4.5_Third-version-of-SOPs-and-guidelines.pdf (3.7 MB)
D4.6: Fourth version of SOPS and guidelines
D4.7: Final Toolbox with SOPS and guidelines

WP5 - Focus group interviews

Name File
D5.1: Protocol for the focus group interviews D5.1_Protocol-for-the-focus-group-interviews.pdf (2.2 MB)
D5.2: Report on the Results of the Focus Group Interviews D5.2_Report-on-the-Results-of-the-Focus-Group-Interviews.pdf (7.8 MB)

WP6 - Online survey

Name File
D6.1: Protocol for survey study D6.1_Protocol-for-the-survey.pdf (1.9 MB)
D6.2: Final report and recommendations IRIS D6.2_Final-report-and-recommendations.pdf (7.2 MB)
D6.3: Cleaned dataset International Research Integrity Survey (IRIS) D6.3_Cleaned-dataset.pdf (5.4 MB)

WP7 - Pilot testing

Name File
D7.1: Detailed protocol on how the pilot tests will be carried out and how the results will be analysed D7.1_Detailed-protocol-on-how-the-pilot-tests-will-be-carried-out-and-how-the-results-will-be-analysed.pdf (1.5 MB)
D7.2: Report on Pilot Studies
D7.3 : Cost Benefit Analysis D7.3_Cost-Benefit-Analysis.pdf (1.2 MB)
D7.4 : Results from survey of research funding organisations D7.4_Results-from-survey-of-research-funding-organisations.pdf (2.0 MB)