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The deliverables of the project will be uploaded here.

Name File Author
Name of the file DELIVERABLE.pdf (27.0 KB) ​Author
Name of the file remember: add \ in → pdf\attachment Author
Name of the file Author

Some of the deliverables of the project were published at the Open Science Framework and on a Sharepoint:

Name LINK Author
Quality Reporting Module (CODEC) OSF ​WP5-Task5-Team
Template Mission Statement 1.1 Mission.docx WP5-Team
Template Communication plan 1.2 Communication Plan.docx WP5-Team
Template Study Protocol 2.1.1 Study protocol.docx WP5-Team
Template Documentation Plan 3.1 Documentation Plan.docx WP5-Team
EQIPD Toolbox EQIPD WP5-Team