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About the NERQ category

NERQ is a new initiative that results from two EU projects, namely Path2Integrity and Integrity. NERQ stands for network for education in research quality, and takes a broad perspective on research quality, namely that high standards in research integrity, research ethics, open science and responsible research & innovation meet in training and courses for students and researchers throughout various stages of their career.

NERQ has the ambition to:

  1. share good practices in teaching and education by sharing experiences of teachers and educators
  2. improve the quality of training/courses and trainers/teachers in the field
  3. stimulate an evidence-informed development of trainings in the field by engaging more in research activities to evaluate courses and trainings.

You can join the network and its activities for free. Become a member here: ; and find all information you need.

The activities of the network will – for the next few months – to form Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that focus on a topic that relates to one of the ambitions and will prepare a presentation for a live (hybrid) meeting that we will organize in March in Brussels, with the help of the EC.